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ARSC Membership Awards

Distinguished Service to ARSC Award

This annual award recognizes members who have contributed to ARSC in an exceptional manner, through his or her contribution of time, resources and/or innovative thinking, over an extended period. Nominations may be submitted to the Board of Directors. To be eligible, the candidate must be a member for at least ten years and may not currently be a member of the Board of Directors. The following members have received this award:

Barry Ashpole (2017)
Sara Velez (2016)
Brenda Nelson-Strauss (2015)
Dr. Michael Biel (2014)
Peter Shambarger (2013)
Gary Galo (2012)

ARSC Honorary Members

The following members have been honored with lifetime membership in recognition of their notable service to ARSC:

Ted. P. Sheldon (2003)
Phillip Rochlin (1994)*
Harold R. Heckendorn (1992)*
Richard W. Luce (1988)
Philip L. Miller (1986)*
David Hall (1986)*
Lloyd E. Rigler (1985)*

ARSC Members Extraordinaire

Joan and Elwood* McKee (1988)




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