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ARSC Awards for Lifetime Achievement & Distinguished Service to Historical Recordings Program (ARSC Awards for Excellence)

The ARSC Awards Committee annually presents the following two service awards:

Lifetime Achievement Award

First presented in May 1991, the Lifetime Achievement Award is the highest honor the Association can bestow. It is presented each year to an individual in recognition of his life's work in historical recorded sound research, and is judged by the following criteria:

  • This individual, through a body of published work, set standards worthy of emulation by others; contributed significant original approaches to his field; and exhibited persistence and dedication over an extended period in the pursuit of knowledge about recorded sound.
  • The state of knowledge in this individual's field would be noticeably poorer without his contribution.
  • Specific works by the individual should be cited in support of this award. These works must meet, individually or as a whole, the criteria for ARSC's Awards for Excellence as defined above.

Distinguished Service to Historical Recordings

The Distinguished Service to Historical Recordings is presented annually to an individual who has made contributions of outstanding significance to the field of historic recordings in forms other than the publication of research, such as (but not limited to) reissue programs or projects, engineering skills, and editorial and publishing activity.


Lifetime Achievement and Distinguished Service to Historical Recordings Award candidates may be proposed by writing to the ARSC Awards Committee. Publishers, collectors and others are encouraged to suggest candidates at any time. For more information or to propose candidates for awards, please e-mail Roberta Freund Schwartz or Dave Lewis.


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