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The Association for Recorded Sound Collections (ARSC) is overseen by an elected Board of Directors. The Board's authority is conferred to it by the bylaws of the organization. Together, the organization's Board and Committee Chairs are known as the Executive Committee.

President: Matthew Barton (Library of Congress)
Second Vice-President/Program Chair: William Chase (National Public Radio)
Immediate Past-President:Patrick Feaster (Indiana University Bloomington)
Secretary: Danielle Cordovez (Rodgers & Hammerstein Archives, New York Public Library)
Treasurer: Steven I. Ramm
Members-at-large: Jenny Doctor (Belfer Audio Archive, Syracuse University), Martin Fisher (Center for Popular Music, Middle Tennessee State University)
Executive Director: Nathan Georgitis (University of Oregon)

2015 ARSC Board
2016 ARSC Board of Directors: (L to R): Nathan Georgitis, Executive Director; Will Chase, Second Vice-President/Program Chair; Naki Danielle Cordovan, Secretary; Steve Ramm, Treasurer; Jenny Doctor, Member-at-large; Martin Fisher, Member-at-large; Patrick Feaster, Immediate Past-President; Mathew Barton, President.


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