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Meeting Videotapes: Texas Chapter (ARSC)

The Texas Chapter of ARSC (the Association of Recorded Sound Collections) has an ongoing program of videotaping the formal presentations at many of our quarterly meeting. We make no claim that these tapes are of professional quality, but they portray a fairly good reproduction fo the actual events. In a couple of instances, reproduction is sub-par, but this is indicated in the description below.

Price (incl. shipping & handling): $4 (members), $7 (non-members)*

Send check made out to "Milt Erickson" along with your order to:

Milt Erickson,
10914 Dunbrook Drive
Houston, TX 77070-3940

List of Presentations

No. Title Description
1. "The Archeophone" (Kurt Nauck III) A complete demonstration of a new universal cylinder player.
2. "An Evolution in Sound" (Milt Erikson) The influences on female popular artists from 100 years of recording activity.
3. "The Best Choices in 50 Years of Choices" (Ed Case) Reminiscences of one of Houston's most popular and beloved jazz disc jockeys.
4. "My Records Are Bigger Than Your Records" (Joe Salerno) A brief excursion thourgh the world of radio transcriptions and other large records.
5. "Where Were You on the Afternoon of 7-20-32?" (Chuck Waters) A recording mystery featuring Fats Waller and Monette Moore (w/ Louis Armstrong).
6. "Give My Regards to Broadway" (George Schroeders) A brief history (via recordings) of the American musical theater by a Broadway veteran.
7. "Appraising Records and Cylinders" (Kurt Nauck III)
(Video has glare)
An informative progam on the values of vintage 78 & cylinder records.
8. "From Benny to Elvis" (Sam Philpot)
(Substandard sound)
Reminiscences of a life in retailing phonograph records at a fabulous Atlanta store.
9. "Down in Houston" (Roger Wood) Reminiscences of three famous Houston blues musicians, interviewed by Wood.
10. "The Belfer Laboratory and Archive at Syracuse University" (Susan Stinson) The curator of one of the largest sound archives in the U.S. takes audience members on a tour of the faciltiy via photo slides and recordings.
11. "Bob Skyles and his Skyrockets" (Ed Case) "[O]ne of the most fascinating, irresistible and, at times maddening bands on the musical landscape...they play with a raucus, ragged, rip-roaring abandon."


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