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Meeting several times a year in the Pickford auditorium of the Library of Congress, the chapter has presented programs on the following topics in the past several years:


WMAC ARSC Presentations

Robert Phillips
"Bing Crosby, Jack Mullin and the Early History of Magnetic Recording"
Matthew Barton
"Hollywood Two Step: How Bob Wills and his Friends Made Western Movies Swing"
June 24, 2014
Laura Schnitker and Eric Cartier
"Saving Campus Radio: Presenting and Preserving WAMU and WMUC"
June 17, 2013, 7pm [PDF]
Jay Bruder
"East Coast Connections: The Birth of the Independent Record Industry in Washington, DC after World War II"
November 7, 2012, 7pm [PDF]
Steve Smolian
"A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to the Turntable"
September 2006 [PDF]
Larry Appelbaum
"Discovering the Monk-Coltrane Tapes"
April 2006
Mike Mashon
"Early Sound and Film Technologies"
January 2006 [PDF]
Dr. William Smith
"Documenting DC's Underground Hip Hop Scene"
November 2005 [PDF]
Jeff Bagato
"Singing Plants, Crumpled Paer, and the Art of Phonography"
July 2005 [PDF]
Matt Barton
"Classic Heavyweight Championship Broadcasts"
June 2005 [PDF]
Matt Barton
"It Happened in April: Marian Anderson and FDR's Funeral"
April 2005 [PDF]
Bryan Cornell
"From Milton’s Monster to Moog España"
January 2005 [PDF]
Al Schlachtmeyer
"Stokowski: The NBC Years"
February 2004
Ward Gaines
"Blues with a Feeling: The Little Walter Story"
October 2003
Dick Spottswood and Doug Meade
"Country Music Discography"
November 2002
Library of Congress
"Library of American Broadcasting Field Trip"
October 2002
Geoffrey Wheeler
"Dial Records"
April 2002
Paul Vernon
"African-American Blues, Gospel, R&B, and Zydeco on Film"
March 2002
XM Radio
"XM Radio Field Trip"
January 2002
David Sager
"Nat Brusiloff, Broadcast Pioneer"
November 2001
ARSC/NARAS joint panel
"Free DC: The State (And Fate) of Local Independent Record Companies"
September 2001
Mark Andersen and Mark Jenkins
May 2001
Todd Harvey, Mark Jackson, and Stephen Wade
"What’s Cooking at The American Folklife Center’s Archive of Folk Culture"
March 2001
Dr. Peggy Bulger and Dr. Frank Proschan
"Save Our Sounds: America’s Recorded Sound Heritage Project"
January 2001
Kip Lornell and Jay Bruder
"Recording Black Music in Washington, D.C."
September 2000


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