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Publications Committee (ARSC)

David Seubert (University of California, Santa Barbara, CA), chair

   Journal Editor: Sarah Bryan
   Newsletter Editor: Franz Kunst (Stanford University)
   ARSC Publisher: Ted Sheldon
   Bulletin Editor: Leah Biel (NBC Universal Television, Brooklyn, NY)
   Advertising Editor: David Lewis
   Membership Directory: Nathan Georgitis (University of Oregon)

The Publications committee is responsible for all ARSC periodicals, including monographs and other special publications; the editors of all regular publications are ex-officio members.

Articles and reviews should be forwarded to the ARSC Journal editor; requests for information, notices of current projects, and other time-sensitive announcements should be forwarded to the ARSC Newsletter editor. Matters pertaining to your entry in this directory should be sent to the ARSC Membership Directory editor, but changes of address should always be sent to the Executive Director.

Members with expertise in specific areas of collecting or archival work are encouraged to become Editorial Advisors for the ARSC Journal. Members of this peer review group read submissions to the Journal in advance, and recommend for or against publication. Evaluations are done on a blind review basis (your name is not revealed to the author, or the author's name to you). If you are interested in becoming an Editorial Advisor, contact the Journal editor.

Members who are skilled at proofreading, data entry, or who have experience in formatting material on a computer for ultimate publication (pre-press work), are always in demand. Contact the editor of your choice!

 Journal Editor Job Description

To join a committee, please contact the committee chair.


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