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Association for Recorded Sound Collections Research Grants Program

The Association for Recorded Sound Collections (ARSC) Grants Program is designed to encourage and support scholarship and publication by individuals in the field of sound recordings or audio preservation. Specific projects eligible for support include discography, bibliography, historical studies of the sound recording industry and its products, and any other subject likely to increase the public's understanding and appreciation of the lasting importance of recorded sound. ARSC encourages applications from individuals whose research forms part of an academic program at the master's or doctoral level.

Both ARSC members and non-members are eligible for grants in amounts up to $1000. Grant funds can be used to underwrite clerical, travel, and editorial expenses; funds may not be used to purchase capital equipment or recordings, to create recordings (including field recordings), to perform operations on sound recordings, to reimburse applicants for work already performed, or to support projects which form part of a job. Grant recipients must submit documentation of their expenses before reimbursement, and funds must be disbursed within eighteen months of the grant award.

Grant recipients are required to submit brief descriptions of their projects for publication by ARSC. Recipients are encouraged to submit articles about their projects to be considered for publication in the ARSC Newsletter or ARSC Journal.

Applications for an ARSC grant should include:

  1. A summary of the project (one page maximum), with samples of the work attached if possible,
  2. A budget covering the entire project and highlighting the expenses the ARSC grant will cover (one page maximum); please include a column or prose summary to indicate what funds have already been committed to this project and the sources of such funds, and what proposals for funds are pending (from what sources, for instance, foundation name, location, and specific dollars requested, and for what purpose),
  3. A curriculum vitae,
  4. An indication of the prospects for publication or other public presentation of the project results.

Applications may be sent as an email attachment to Grants Committee Chair, Suzanne Flandreau, at

The deadline for receipt of applications is the last day of February of each year.


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