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36th Annual ARSC Conference (Santa Barbara, California, May 8-11, 2002)

Silent Auction

Help support ARSC!

Come participate in the Silent Auction to be held at the Annual Meeting in Santa Barbara

Bring a treasure or take one home!

Dust off items from your personal or business collection, and bring them with a donation form for each item or lot of items to the Registration Table Wednesday (see donation form on the back of this sheet). Bidding will be open during exhibit hours, Thursday morning until Friday at 12:15 p.m. Just write your bid for an item on the inserted bid sheet, then keep a close eye to see if anyone is outbidding you. Don't be outbid!-Final results will be posted Friday at 1:30, and you will be able to pick up and pay for your items between 1:30-5:30.

To donate:

  • Select items to donate and fill out a donation form for each item or group of items.
  • Bring the item(s) with the form(s) to the Registration Table on Wednesday.
  • If you need a receipt, please provide something for us to sign.

The auction:

  • Auction items will be on display in the exhibit area until 12:15 on Friday.
  • Bidding begins at $1 or the minimum bid indicated, and proceeds at $1 increments.
  • Make your bid by signing your name and a dollar amount on the bid sheet.
  • Bidding will close at 12:15 on Friday.

The results:

  • Winning bids will be posted on Friday at 1:30.
  • All items must be retrieved and paid for (cash or check) by 5:30 Friday.
  • Unclaimed items will be donated to a local institution or discarded.


  • If you have questions, please contact the local arrangements committee at (805) 893-5444 or

Silent Auction Donation Form


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