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36th Annual ARSC Conference (Santa Barbara, California, May 8-11, 2002)

Pre-Conference Workshop: Basic Care and Management of Sound Recordings

ARSC again is pleased to announce that it is offering its Workshop on the Basic Care and Management of Sound Recordings. In addition to basic information on audio recordings, the afternoon will focus on digital audio. As more and more archives begin to digitize audio for preservation and access, a basic understand of the technology and equipment is becoming an essential job requirement and will be covered in this workshop. Workshop cost includes a box lunch and materials.

To register for the workshop, please use the conference registration form

The four sections of the workshop are:

  • Care and Handling of Audio - Overview of the care and handling of archival recorded sound formats. Formats include wax cylinders, commercial and non-commercial discs, Magnetic tape, and CDs.
    Steve Weiss, Sound and Image Librarian for the University of North Carolina at Chapel Hill.
  • Intellectual Property and the Sound Archive - This session will review copyright law and intellectual property issues relevant to sound archives. Included will be a look at what issues are pending and how they relate to archives.
    Samuel Brylawski, Head of the Recorded Sound Section, Library of Congress.
  • Digital Audio Theory for the Lay Person - An introduction to the basics of digital audio theory. Since the majority of CD production, restoration, and archiving is now done in the digital domain, an understanding of digital theory is necessary to fully exploit the technology.
    Konrad Strauss, Director of Recording Arts, Indiana University.
  • A Look at Digital Audio Workstations - Presents a practical approach to assessing the features of digital audio workstations for digital preservation.
    Peter Alyea, Audio-Visual Production Specialist and Senior Studio Engineer, Library of Congress.


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