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45th Annual ARSC Conference (Los Angeles, CA May 11-14, 2011)

Silent Auction

The Silent Auction has become an eagerly anticipated event at our annual conferences. Each year, hundreds of items are offered for sale to the highest bidders. Books, CDs, vintage 78 rpm & LP records, music, memorabilia, audio products and services, and related items are all available, and incredible bargains can often be had! Bidding will close on Saturday afternoon, and you must be present to collect and pay for any items that you’ve won.

All ARSC members are encouraged to donate one or more items, which should be clean and in good condition.  Proceeds go directly to ARSC, which is a non-profit, 501.C.3 organization.

If you are willing to donate materials, please bring them with you to the conference, or ship them via UPS or Media Mail to Aaron Bittel at the address below (please allow two weeks for delivery and label the box “ARSC Silent Auction”).  Bid sheets should be inserted in each item; you may specify minimum bids.  Unsold items will not be returned to donors unless you are available at the closing of the auction to pick them up.

If you have additional questions, please contact Aaron Bittel:

Ship to:

Aaron Bittel
UCLA Ethnomusicology Archive
1630 Schoenberg Music Bldg
Box 951657
Los Angeles  CA  90095-1657


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