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Copyright and Fair Use Committee

This committee monitors information and developments related to sound recording copyright and fair use issues. Its findings are shared with the ARSC membership through the ARSC Journal, the ARSC Web site, and annual conference programs. In addition members may receive periodic e-mail updates by contacting the chair.

ARSC Copyright and Fair Use Committee Recommendations for Changes in Copyright Law | ARSC Board Resolution on Copyright and Fair Use

Tim Brooks, chair
Barry Ashpole Jerry McBride
Amy Vanderlyke Dygert Alex McGehee
Bruce Epperson David Patmore
Michael Gray Steve Smolian
Richard Green Dick Spottswood
Eric Harbeson  


Statement by the Chairman

During the past few years ARSC has begun actively promoting changes in copyright law to allow best practices in preservation and greater public access to historical recordings. To further this effort it has joined with other organizations in the Historical Recording Coalition for Access and Preservation (HRCAP). For more information on its advocacy activities visit the coalition website, We encourage you to sign the petition found there.

A brief, two-page pdf summarizing ARSC's recommendations can be found here. Members are urged to print this out and give copies to their Congressman or Senator to let them know what we are advocating. Direct contact by constituents is one of the most effective ways to be heard in Washington. Tips on how to contact your Congressman are here.

The committee welcomes new members who are willing to become actively involved in its efforts. Attorneys and others with experience in copyright law or legislative change are particularly sought.

Elsewhere on this site you will find links to documents and sites that contain information and guidance on copyright as it affects recordings. We welcome your feedback, including specific examples of how copyright law has impacted your own activities in the field of sound recording preservation, access and reissue activity.

Tim Brooks, Chair

Brooks, Tim. The Association for Recorded Sound Collections and the Movement to Reform Copyright in the United States." Popular Music and Society 35, no. 5 (2012): 683-689. Accessed April 1, 2013. (Available at your local library via subscription database.)

ARSC Submits Comments to Copyright Office

Historical Recording Coalition for Access and Preservation/Copyright Office Study [pdf]

American Library Association is the sixth major organization to endorse ARSC proposal for sound recording copyright reform [pdf]

Internet Sites on Copyright and Fair Use


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