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Information for Contributors: ARSC Journal

To submit an article for consideration, please follow these guidelines. Articles must be original (i.e., previously unpublished and not being considered for publication elsewhere). Please contact the Editor regarding the submission of book or sound recording reviews.

Editor’s Contact Information

Submissions via e-mail should be as a Microsoft Word document and sent to Christopher C. King.

Preparation of Contributions

On a separate page identify the author(s) name(s) and contact information (i.e., postal or e-mail address, phone number, etc.). Give the article a brief title; if the title is not descriptive of the content,add a brief sub-title. The author(s) are responsible for the accuracy of all statements,statistics, etc., etc.


The ARSC Journal follows as general guides the American Heritage Dictionary of the English Language, supplemented by Webster’s Third New International Dictionary of the English Language, for usage and spelling, and the Chicago Manual of Style for capitalization, abbreviations, endnotes, punctuation and bibliographies.

Print/Type Requirements

Print/type manuscripts on 8.5x11 inch paper, double spaced, with numbered pages, and one-inch margins.

Bibliographies, Endnotes

Bibliographies and endnotes should appear on separate sheets, printed/typed double-spaced.


Please view guidelines for discographies or contact the Editor with questions.

Tables, Figures

Tables or figures should appear on separate pages, double spaced, numbered, and cited in superscript in the text. Each column in a table/figure should have a heading. Footnotes/sources should be printed/typed double-spaced below each table/figure. Avoid referring to tables/figures in phrases such as “the following,” “ above,” “below”. It may not be possible to position a table/figure to correspond with their mention in the text. Refer always to “table 2,” or “figure 3.”

Photographs and Illustrative Material

High quality scans (300 dpi) of illustrative material can be submitted by email as an electronic file (JPEG or TIFF image). Images are published in black and white; therefore, scanning in black and white will allow the file sent to be smaller and easier to transmit. If you intend submitting original copies of illustrative material, please contact the Editor to discuss any requirements.


Authors must obtain permission to quote from copyrighted sources and to reproduce copyrighted illustrations or demonstrate that every reasonable effort has been made to obtain same. Copies of permissions granted must be provided to the Editor, and credits required by the grantors must properly be given.


All contributions are subject to a blind, peer review process to evaluate content, organization, style and tone. The Editor’s and reviewers’ comments, suggested amendments, additions etc., are discussed with the author(s).


Articles will be edited to improve the effectiveness of communications between author and reader. Articles will be returned to the author for review and approval after any editing or formatting that is deemed necessary.

Author-Publisher Agreement

Authors are required to sign an author-publisher agreement regarding copyright. ARSC encourages the reprinting or reproduction of articles that have appeared in the ARSC Journal on the understanding that due credit is given to the Association.

Editorial Advisory Board

Christopher C. King, Editor, ARSC Journal (Chair)
Tim Brooks, Copyright & Fair Use/Current Bibliography
Jim Farrington, Book Reviews Editor
Gary A. Galo, Contributing Editor
John H. Haley, Sound Recording Reviews Editor
Ex Officio: Matthew Barton, Chair, Publications
Ex Officio: Cary Ginell, ARSC President


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