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ARSC Newsletter (Winter 2000, No. 90)


Help ARSC Grow with Matching Grants

Does your employer have a "matching contribution" program? Many do. This doubles your contribution to ARSC at no cost to you. Ask your employer and send your employer's form to Peter Shambarger, ARSC Executive Director along with your contribution.

Volunteer Needed: Assistant Editor, ARSC Journal

The Board of Directors of ARSC has created a new position and seeks qualified candidates for the position of Assistant Editor of the ARSC Journal, the premier journal of its kind in the world. The successful candidate will work directly with the editor of the ARSC Journal and assume responsibility for publication design and page layout, following agreed upon guidelines and specifications.

The individual will also be responsible for production coordination, working primarily with the designated printing company. Familiarity with computer technology in publication work, including page design/layout software is a prerequisite and experience in print production is an asset.

For information or to apply, contact Barry R. Ashpole, Editor, ARSC Journal at or by phone at (416) 362-4804 (during normal business hours), or (416) 486-9669 (evenings or weekends).

Classified Ads


EDISON DIAMOND DISCS 50348, 80232 and unnumbered "Holiday Greetings from the bunch at Orange" wanted. Also, cylinder records, boxes, tops, catalogs. Describe, price.

Gregory R. Reed
141 S. Broad St.
Nazareth, PA 18064
Telephone: 610.746.0381


Offering for sale a huge private collection of LPs and 78s consisting of all categories of classical music: vocal, orchestral, instrumental and chamber. Jazz and military band lists also available. Records priced to sell: more than 5,000 at $5 or less. Audiophile and extreme rarities, most at set prices. Send wants; lists published bimonthly. Specify whether you want LP, 78 lists or both. Send requests to:

Nathan E. Brown
P. O. Box 665
Sedona, AZ 86339
Fax: 520.203.0416


Illustrated website of performer (harpsichord, fortepiano, clavichord, piano) with complete discography (86 discs, 56 solo), biography, picture gallery, sections on father (bass Alexander Kipnis) and Kipnis-Kushner Duo (piano, four-hands duo with Karen Kushner), lecture subjects, and bulletin board performance itinerary.


1939 Rose Bowl game on NBC, with Bill Stern announcing; 1955 World Series, 7th game.

Ron Tamm
140 Linden Lane #127
Mill Valley, CA 94941
Telephone: 415-383-6216 (okay to leave a message).

Contribute to ARSC and Save on Taxes

ARSC TREASURER Steve Ramm reminds members that contributions made in the form of appreciated securities or mutual funds are fully deductible at the fair market value on the date of the transfer. This is a way to exclude taxable gain on your investments and help ARSC at the same time. For further information call Steve Ramm at 215-545-3290 x130 or email him at

Free ads!

ARSC Members! Place free personal (not-for-profit) ads in the ARSC Newsletter. ARSC Members can place one free personal classified ad in each issue of the Newsletter (on a space available basis). Try it; you'll like it. Contact:

Ricki Kushner
Telephone: 202.707.0164 or 202.671.3434
Fax: 202.707.8464

ARSC 2000 Conference: Chapel Hill

Tim Pyatt and Steve Weiss, Co-chairs, Local Arrangements Committee hope that all ARSC members will consider spending May 31 through June 3, 2000 in what locals like to call "the Southern Part of Heaven." As your hosts, we have scheduled what we trust will be a few enjoyable days in Chapel Hill, North Carolina!

The conference will open with a reception at the recently restored Carolina Inn. While you enjoy hors d'oeuvres and drinks, ARSC member Mike Casey and his band, Cucanandy, will treat you to music from Cape Breton and Ireland. Conference program sessions will be held in the Pleasants Room of historic Wilson Library on the campus of the University of North Carolina. Events slated for Thursday and Friday include "behind the scenes" tours of the Southern Folklife Collection, a special exhibit of historical sound recordings, and an open house of the Manuscripts Department, home to the Southern Historical Collection, Southern Folklife Collection, and the John Rivers Sound Preservation Studio. We also will provide all attendees with a map of local record and book stores as well as a listing of music in clubs during your visit.

The final event of the conference will be an old-fashioned pig-pickin' on the lawn in front of Wilson Library. [Note: this will now take place IN the Library.] Although North Carolina hog farmers cannot understand why, we also will provide a vegetarian alternative. The Green Level Entertainers will serenade us with some traditional bluegrass music.

Accommodations will be available at a wide range of prices. The nearby Carolina Inn provides elegant accommodations while Granville Towers provides more economical lodging in a dorm-like setting. Both are within easy walking distance of the campus meeting site and downtown. All majors motels/hotels can be found within a short driving distance; a list of these will be included in your registration packet.

Chapel Hill is quite pleasant in late May with temperatures ranging from the high 70s in the day to the low 60s in the evening. Downtown Chapel Hill - only a block from campus, the Carolina Inn, and Granville Towers - offers a wealth of entertainment and dining. You can shop for used and rare books, dine on everything from shrimp and grits to burritos, sample beer at one of our two micro- breweries, or listen to a wide range of live music. We hope you will mark your calendars for May 31- June 3, 2000 and plan on partaking of our Southern hospitality! Information on local arrangements for the ARSC Annual Conference in Chapel Hill is available on the ARSC website at

Women's Museum

The Women's Museum, an institution documenting American women's social history, is opening this fall in Dallas. In our inaugural exhibition, we will have a two-part time capsule displaying the material culture of America in 1900 and 2000. We would like to request the loan of a phonograph circa 1900 to be included in this exhibition. The phonograph would be used to illustrate the progress of technology, the advent of recorded sound, and the enrichment music and the spoken word continues to provide in our lives. Additionally, we are looking for a popular recording from this time period (performed by a woman or about women) to be included in the time capsule portion of the audio tour. All costs of insurance and transportation would be covered by the museum and the loaner would be fully credited. This is a wonderful opportunity to share your collection with over half a million people per year. For further information or to share your ideas, please contact:

Leslie Klingner
Telephone: 212.244-2198
Fax: 212.244-2185

ARSC Silent Auction to Expand in Chapel Hill

The silent auction of ARSC Awards publications has been such a success at recent annual meetings that it will be expanded this year in Chapel Hill. All ARSC members and member institutions are invited to donate items (books, recordings, memorabilia, whatever you think may interest ARSC members) for this year's auction. It's a very simple way to benefit ARSC, so consider what you might contribute to the cause. Details on how to make donations will be included in the annual conference registration packet. In the meantime, questions about the auction may be directed to members of the Silent Auction Committee: Brenda Nelson-Strauss ( or 312.294-3057), Barbara Sawka ( or 650.723-9312), or Wendy Sistrunk ( or 816.235-5291).

President's Message

Greetings from Rochester!

Here's a brief summary of ARSC Executive Committee activity during the past three months:

  • Les Waffen, Chair of the Archives Committee, has done a wonderful job developing guidelines and policies for contributors to the ARSC Archives. Bonnie Jo Dopp, Curator of Special Collections in Performing Arts at the University of Maryland, College Park Performing Arts Library, where the ARSC archives will reside, is developing an electronic copy of the Transfer of Documents form that can be posted on the ARSC website or sent via e-mail to interested parties. She wrote that she was so impressed with these guidelines, which she considers "a model policy for organizational archives," that she would like to share them with other organizations whose archives are housed at College Park. Congratulations, Les, on doing such a fine job for ARSC!
  • As ARSC's unofficial liaison to IASA, Ted Sheldon will be traveling to London in March 2000 to check out the conference facilities at the British National Library Sound Archives, in preparation for the September 2001 joint ARSC/IASA conference. Further information on travel arrangements and conference plans will be forthcoming shortly.
  • The ARSC Awards Committee, under the direction of co-chairs Brenda Nelson-Strauss and Vince Pelote, has been hard at work securing and reviewing books nominated for the 1999 ARSC Awards for Excellence. The finalists in each category will be announced later this Spring. Winners will be announced and awards presented at the ARSC Annual Conference in Chapel Hill, North Carolina (May 31 - June 3, 2000).
  • The Education and Training Committee (Sara Velez and Nancy Seeger, co-chairs) will present a one-day workshop on the basic care and management of sound recordings in Chapel Hill on Wednesday, May 31, immediately preceding the ARSC Conference. (See the article on the workshop elsewhere in this Newsletter for details, including contact information).
  • Tim Fabrizio has been appointed Book Review Editor of the ARSC Journal. Congratulations, Tim, and many thanks to Michael Gray for his many years of service in this position.
  • A task force has been established to explore fund-raising initiatives for ARSC, as charged by the Board of Directors at the Fall Executive Committee meeting in Chapel Hill. Task force members include Jim Farrington, chair, Barbara Sawka, Sam Brylawski and Louise Spear.
  • NARAS has approved a grant of $20,000 to ARSC to support the development of recommended technical guidelines for the design of archival-quality cylinder playback equipment. Congratulations to Bill Klinger, Chair of the Cylinder Sub-Committee of the ARSC Technical Committee, for this successful proposal.

I hope to see you in Chapel Hill!

Suzanne Stover
President, Association for Recorded Sound Collections
Eastman School of Music
26 Gibbs Street
Rochester, New York 14604

Basic Care and Management of Sound Recordings: Conference Workshop

The ARSC Education and Training Committee will present a one-day introductory workshop on the basic care and management of sound recordings held immediately preceding the 2000 conference in Chapel Hill, North Carolina on Wednesday, May 31st, from 9:00 to 4:30. The session will focus on general principles and practices of caring for and managing sound recordings. Designed as an introduction to audio archives management, the workshop will be offered to librarians and archivists whose collections include audio materials. Attendance will be open to ARSC Conference attendees and audio collectors as well. Issues to be discussed include: historical survey of sound carriers, preservation/handling/storage, access, and copyright. Workshop cost: $50 for ARSC members; $60 for non-members. Applicants must register by April 28, 2000. Further details and registration forms will be included in ARSC conference registration packets that will be mailed in March. For more information contact Sara Velez (212.870-1662; or Nancy Seeger (202.707-5494;

Our Thanks to Mike Gray

ARSC and all of its members extend a heart-felt thank you to Mike Gray as he leaves the post of book review editor of the ARSC Journal. Mike has served ARSC in many capacities over the last twenty-five or so years. He held the post of ARSC president during 1983-87; treasurer, 1975-76; ARSC Journal Editor, 1976-83 and co-editor, 1987-88; and publisher 1987-90. He served several terms as chair of the Publication Committee, as well as chair of the Local Arrangements Committee in 1987 and the Membership Committee in 1974-76. His contributions to the ARSC Journal include the Discography of World's Greatest Music and World's Greatest Operas series, and a fine article on the birth of Decca Stereo, and he has made numerous conference presentations. Suzanne Stover, current ARSC president said, "we are all grateful for the time, energy and professionalism you put into [the book review editorship]. Thank you for making the Book Review section one of the most widely read columns in the ARSC Journal." It almost sounds like we're sending Mike off on an around the world cruise from which he might not return. Not so. We look forward to Mike's continued contributions to ARSC, and to many more opportunities for friendship and camaraderie. Thanks Mike.

Coming Events of Possible Interest to Members

Here is a listing of events to help ARSC members plan for participation.


May 31-June 3     ARSC     Annual Conference - Chapel Hill, NC
June 15-16     ANSI/AES     Joint Technical Commission - Miami, FL
July 6-13     ALA     Annual Conference - Chicago, IL
July 3-7     IASA     Annual Conference - Singapore
Aug. 6-11     IAML     Annual Conference = Edinburgh, Scotland
Aug. 13-16     IFLA     General Conference - Jerusalem, Israel
Sep. 22-25     AES     109th Convention - Los Angeles, CA


Jan. 12-17     ALA     Midwinter Meeting - Washington, D.C.
Sep. 23-26     ARSC/IASA     Annual Conference - London, Great Britain


AES = Audio Engineering Society
ALA = American Library Association
AMIA = Association of Moving Image Archivists
IAML = International Association of Music Libraries, Archives and Documentation Centers
IASA = International Association of Sound and Audio-Visual Archives
IFLA = International Federal of Library Associations
ISO = International Standards Organization
MuLA = Music Library Association

Publication Information

The ARSC Newsletter is published quarterly in February, June, September, and November. Submissions should be typed and well-written. Electronic e-mail submissions are strongly encouraged to this address:

Ted Sheldon, Editor
UMKC, Miller Nichols Library
5100 Rockhill Road
Kansas City, MO     64110-2499
Fax: 816.333.5584
Telephone: 816.235.1531

To arrange advertising in all ARSC publications contact:

Ricki Kushner, Advertising Manager
4857B S. 28th St.
Arlington, VA     22206
Telephone: 202.707.0164 (w); 202.671.3434
Fax: 202.707.8464

Claims or other notification of issues not received must be sent to:

Executive Director, ARSC
P.O. Box 543
Annapolis, MD     21404-0543

Web site: for back issues of the ARSC Newsletter and further information about ARSC.

Submission Deadlines

No. 91 (Spring 2000)     Advertising: May 14, 2000     Editorial: June 7, 2000
No. 92 (Summer 2000)     Advertising: August 15, 2000     Editorial: August 20, 2000
No. 93 (Fall 2000)     Advertising: November 1, 2000     Editorial: November 7, 2000


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