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Step 1: Join ARSC or Renew Your ARSC Membership

Member benefits include: subscriptions to ARSC's Journal, Newsletter, and Membership Directory (PDF); discounts on conference registration and advertising in publications; and unrestricted online access to past conference sound recordings and ARSC Journal contents for a calendar year. Digital subscription to publications is available to members outside U.S.. Those who can support at higher levels contribute materially to ARSC and are recognized in ARSC's Newsletter. All support beyond basic membership is fully tax-deductible.

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The membership year is January through December.  Members joining or renewing mid-year will receive all ARSC publications issued that calendar year.

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Step 2: Please consider an additional gift

ARSC depends on additional gifts to further its many missions. Unrestricted gifts allow ARSC the greatest flexibility. Please give as much as you can to one or more of ARSC's funds. All additional gifts are fully tax-deductible in the year they are given.

Unrestricted Gifts
Give ARSC the agility to put resources where they are needed when they are needed.

Copyright Reform

Help ARSC reform copyright law to allow preservation and access to historical recordings.

Education (Dave Nolan Fund)

Help ARSC take its message and expertise into the classroom.

Travel Grants to Conference

Help a newcomer attend the annual conference.

Classical Music Preservation

Help bring classic performances back to life.


Step 3: Review and Pay

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