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O'Neal, Jim 12th Street & Vine: Kansas City Blues Conference Slides Download 2013
O'Neal, Jim 12th Street & Vine: Kansas City Blues Conference Recording Download 2013
Levin, John; Dan Reed 1891 Brown Wax Stereo Conference Recording Download 2011
Rooney, Dennis D. 1959: The First Full Year of the Stereo LP Conference Recording Download 2009
Green, Richard 20 Years (more or less) of the Virtual Gramophone Conference Recording Download 2016
Green, Richard 20 Years (more or less) of the Virtual Gramophone: Q&A Conference Recording Download 2016
Swiatlowski, Mathew 200 Sides for 200 Years: New World Records' Recorded Anthology of American Music and the U. S. Bicentennial Conference Recording Download 2017
Doctor, Jenny 21st Century Archiving of Institutions’ Audio Treasures: Proposing an ARSC Support Group for Institutional Repositories Conference Recording Download 2014
Alyea, Peter 3D IRENE: Groove Imaging in the Third Dimension Conference Recording Download 2009
Hirsch, Peter 80000 LPs times 1122 miles: The Wilson Processing Project & OCLC take on NYPL’s Uncataloged Vinyl Conference Recording Download 2006
Steiner, John A (Personal) History of Paramount Records Conference Recording Download 1999
Lornell, Christopher (Kip); Ted Mealor A & R men and the geography of Piedmont blues recordings from 1924-1941 Journal Article Download 26:1  [Spring  1995] 1-22 
Murray, Kate; Jessica Sims A Brave New World at the National Archives Conference Recording Download 2009
Johnson, Greg A Brief Introduction to the Sheldon Harris Blues Collection Conference Recording Download 2005
Brock-Nannestad, George A Comment and Further Recommendations on "International Rerecording Standards" Journal Article Download 20:2  [Fall  1989] 156-161
Sarisky, Mark A Comparison of Software Based Digital Audio Restoration Methods Conference Recording Download 2005
Feaster, Patrick "A Compass of Extraordinary Range": The Forgotten Origins of Phonomanipulation Journal Article Download 42:2  [2011] 163-203
Samuels, Jon A Complete Discography of the Flonzaley Quartet Journal Article Download 19:1  [1987] 25-62
Schurk, William R. A Description of the Sound Recordings Archives at Bowling Green State University Journal Article Download 14:3  [1982] 5-8
Fabrizio, Timothy C.; George F. Paul A Dialogue on "The Oldest Playable Recording" Journal Article Download 33:1  [Spring  2002] 77-84
Strauss, Konrad A Digital File-Based System for Audio Recording, Access, and Preservation Conference Recording Download 2012
Brooks, Tim A Directory to Columbia Recording Artists of the 1890’s Journal Article Download 11:2-3  [1979] 102-138
Carruthers, Glen A Discography of Bach Transcriptions for Piano Solo Journal Article Download 30:2  [Fall  1999] 157-165 
Carruthers, Glen A Discography of Bach Transcriptions for Solo Piano Journal Article Download 29:1  [Spring  1998] 30-84 
Weber, Jerome F. A Discography of the Choral Symphony Journal Article Download 19:2-3  [1987] 64-88